Now, for the first time, Everyone Orchestra has taken the conducted improvisation concept mastered in their legendary live shows into the studio on Brooklyn Sessions. Conductor Matt Butler invited past collaborators—musical friends like drummer Jon Fishman (Phish), keyboardist/pianist Marco Benevento, Al Schnier (moe.), Jen Hartswick (Trey Anastasio Band), guitarist Steve Kimock, saxophonist Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews Band), vocalist/percussionist Jans Ingber (The Motet), mandolinist Jamie Masefield (Jazz Mandolin Project) and bassist Reed Mathis (Tea Leaf Green), to join him for several days of exploration and co-creation. The results range from hard-hitting grooves that take unexpected twists and turns (“Boots”), to sweet and expansive (“Pensive”), all with a spirit that is both liberated and focused. click here to purchase



SULLIVAN HALL – October 27th, 2012

Conducting ~ Matt Butler and featuring Jon Fishman (Phish) • Zach Gill (ALO) • John Kadlecik (Furthur) • Dan Lebowitz (ALO) • Jessica Lurie (Living Daylights) • Jamie Masefield (Jazz Mandolin Project) • Reed Mathis (Tea Leaf Green)

QUIXOTES – June 15th, 2012

Everyone Orchestra ft. Steve Kimock • Al Schnier • Jennifer Hartswick • Reed Mathis • Marco Benevento • Jamie Masefield • John Morgan Kimock • Matt Butler


What Is The Everyone Orchestra? from Peter Hwosch on Vimeo.

Musicians Describe Everyone Orchestra from Peter Hwosch on Vimeo.


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